pilates para atletas de alto desempenho

3 minutes No matter the sport, more and more studies are proving the benefits of pilates for high-performance athletes. Including the Pilates Method in a sportsman’s training routine has become an efficient way to improve results and achieve a better quality of life. But do you know the benefits of pilates practice for high-performance athletes? Learn a little more and explore this audience. You may even seek partnerships with clubs, for example. Pilates for Athletes  The Pilates Method can be included in the training Continue

controle de contas

4 minutes Taking control of your pilates studio finances is critical to good administration. By tracking the inflow and outflow of money, you can identify where your money is going, avoid waste and even make money at the end of the month. Unfortunately Brazil is still a country where financial education is not widespread among the population and many people will only really feel it when it comes to entrepreneurship. After all, there is a big difference between taking care of personal finances and Continue

certificação em pilates

1 minute The Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) has announced changes to its pilates certification for new instructors with the creation of the NCPC brand: National Pilates Certification Program, which has been in use since August 15, 2019. The move also brought new study materials and improved communication for candidates and certified professionals. With the change, it is easier to distinguish members of PMA from NPCP-certified teachers, who are now named NCPT (Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher). In practice, it does not change anything for those Continue

evite inadimplência no seu studio de pilates

2 minutes In times of economic downturn, non-payment is a big nightmare for all businesses, especially small and medium ones. This problem can create a snowball effect into a pilates studio. So this is a topic that requires a lot of attention so you don’t get into the statistics either.  According to the National Confederation of Logistics Officers (CNDL) and Credit Protection Service (SPC) Default Indicator, the number of people in debt in 2018 rose 4.41% compared to the previous year and already affects Continue

formas de pagamento

2 minutes Making different payment methods available is an effective way to keep new students in your pilates studio. After all, who has never been in the situation of making a purchase (whether in a store, supermarket or e-commerce) and at the time of check-out had the payment denied for any reason, such as insufficient account balance or simply because they forgot the money at home? That’s why you need to go beyond cash payment to make it easier to close deals in your Continue

pilates para iniciantes kauffer

3 minutes Beginner Pilates classes deserve special attention in any studio. It is in the first classes that instructor and student should establish a connection for the new practitioner to motivate and identify with pilates. This is a key moment for your business, as motivated students are much more likely to stay in their studio. If you follow these tips below, your new students will be much more motivated and retention guaranteed. Remember that many of the tips can also be applied to older Continue

dia dos pais kauffer pilates

2 minutes Commemorative dates are great opportunities for businesses to attract new customers with promotions, and your pilates studio is no different. Father’s Day, which falls on the second Sunday of August in Brazil, is an even more special opportunity as it can appeal to the male audience, which is usually not the focus of studios’ actions. On broader dates like Father’s Day, actions may extend throughout the month. You can offer a discount for parents and children to enroll together throughout August, for Continue