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16 de June de 2018

cadilac cadilac



Cadillac Kauffer, strength in the right measure and incomparable durability.

Cadillac Kauffer is made with fine wood and brushed stainless steel, ensuring greater strength and durability.

Width: 80 cm
Height: 217.5 cm
Length: 236 cm
Bed height: 63 cm

Fuzzy hanging strap (pair), foot/hand loops (pair), handles (pair), 1 safety strap, 1 support strap, 1 abdomen strap, 10 springs, 22 carabiners, roll-down bar.

Frame structure in stainless steel with joints of cast steel. More strength and accuracy for the equipment.

Structure in fine reforested wood.

The wood finishing is done in satin matte varnish, resistant to moisture and scratches. No knots.

EVA Padding, more comfortable and durable than foam. Does not deform during use. Coated in synthetic nautical leather. Stitched seam, providing better finishing and greater resistance to upholstery.

Polyacetal support for the frame structure. Extremely resistant to impact and traction, giving the machine an excellent stability. Parts molded in high precision mold.

Eye hooks positioned in the base legs to perform a wider range of exercises with springs.

Push through bar with a wider range of handle.

Finish in automotive paint that brings more beauty and strength to the piece.

Contact area with hands and feet coated with vulcanized rubber. Sweat resistant and exact adhesion.

Safety bar prevents the push through bar to rotate accidentally while performing certain exercises, making the equipment steadier when used with one spring only.

3 levels of preset positions, adjustable through retractable knobs (no need to unscrew the knobs to release the push-through bar). More security and ease in height adjustment.

Padded trapeze bar. More comfort during exercises.

Strap with neoprene finishing.

Spring sleeves in nautical synthetic leather. Prevents hair to attach on springs.

Horizontal sliding bar with tightening regulation. It provides complete freedom to set the position along frame.

Mancal desenvolvido com peças injetadas em Poliacetal, extremamente resistente e precisa, proporciona um deslizamento suave. A barra que completa o conjunto é em aço inox escovado.

Bars developed with Polyacetal molded parts, extremely accurate and sturdy, provides a smooth sliding. The bar that completes the set is in brushed stainless steel.

Springs don’t need to be removed. Ideal positioning that doesn’t disrupt exercises and doesn’t touch the ground.

Springs e-coat finishing, high anti-corrosion protection, higher quality and durability of the coated surface compared with nickel-plated springs. Process widely used in the automotive industry for high-protection finishing.

Vertical bar with 7 predefined settings.

Bars developed with Polyacetal molded parts, extremely sturdy and accurate, provides a smooth sliding. The bar that completes the set is in brushed stainless steel with 4 eye hooks.