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16 de June de 2018

Prancha de Molas Kolor Prancha de Molas Kolor

Pilates Springboard Kolor

Pilates Springboard Kolor

Bring happiness to your studio.

Customize your studio by choosing a different color for your equipment, maintaining the same functionality of traditional springboard.
Kolor Springboards is light, durable, and unique design. Available in 5 colors.
Width: 43.5cm (no bars); 81cm (with bars) | Height: 154cm | Length: 14cm
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4 springs, foot/hand loops (pair), handles (pair), roll-down bar, 8 carabiners.

Aluminum structure. Lighter, more durability and stability.
11 spring fixing positions. More exercise options.
Springs fixing directly in the machine structure. Much More safety and practicality.
Roll-Down Bar in solid wood.

Central structure in Lyptus, fine reforested wood.
Finish in automotive paint.

Unique design.
Solid wood bar.