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16 de June de 2018

Reformer Torre Reformer Torre

Reformer Tower

Reformer Tower

Unique features for better functionality.

Structure in fine reforested wood.
Finish in satin matte varnish, resistant to moisture and scratches. It doesn’t have knots.
Width: 80 cm
Height: 203 cm
Length (with extension board): 268 cm
Hand/foot loops (pair), handles (pair), abdomen handle, safety strap, 21 carabiners, 1 rope (unique system), 13 springs, roll-down bar, conversor mat.

Polypropylene support tape. Do not scratch or damage the springs.
EVA upholstery, more comfortable and durable than regular foam. Does not deform during use. Coated in nautical synthetic leather. Stitched seam, gives better finishing and greater resistance to upholstery.
Springs e-coat finishing high corrosion protection, higher quality and durability of the coated surface compared with nickel-plated springs. Process widely used in the automotive industry for high-protection finishing.

Positioning of the springs far from end of the carriage. Enable a more agile and practical setting.
Springs with handles that ease fitting in gear bar. No need of carabiners, making handling much more easier.
Gear bar made of solid steel. More security and resistance.
3 gear levels. Produced in UHMW, polyethylene ultra resistant to impact and wear by abrasion . The different part design prevents the fastener bar touches the wood, preventing scratches and facilitating fitting.

Aluminum and brushed stainless steel footbar. Lighter, resistant and durable.
Footbar hand grip with non-stick finishing.
Footbar with safety latches on both sides. More stability in the exercises.
EVA upholstered extension board and coated in nautical synthetic leather. More comfort and ergonomics, for it allows your feet to be positioned at the same height of the carriage during the exercises.
The extension board has easy adjustment and can be removed or reversed to move closer towards the carriage.

Removable shoulder rests with easy-lock system.
2 distance choices between the shoulder rests. Ideal for different statures practitioners.
Shoulder rests with ergonomic design. In addition to having a better fitting for the shoulders, they are padded at the top, allowing a greater comfort in exercises requiring support of the hands or feet.
Coated in nautical synthetic leather, it has 3 layers of padding to fit any type of exercise.
Headrest with 3 height adjustments.

Poliacetal support for the vertical frame. Extremely resistant material to impact and traction, gives the machine excellent stability. Parts molded in high precision mold.
Carriage upholstered along its entire length to a better use when used with the tower.

Tower Structure in brushed stainless steel.
Push through bar with a wider range of handle. Finishing in automotive paint. More beauty and strength to the piece. Contact area with hands and feet coated with vulcanized rubber. Sweat resistant and exact adhesion.