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        27 de February de 2019

        Spine Corrector Spine Corrector

        Spine Corrector

        Spine Corrector

        Spine Corrector

        The Kauffer’s Spine Corrector has a soft and anatomic curve, providing greater comfort in the exercises execution, developing a more comfortable support for the cervical and thoracic spine. Its upholstery in EVA, coated in synthetic nautical leather gives a better finish, greater resistance and ensures that the product does not deform with use


        Height: 29 cm | Length: 97 cm | Width: 53 cm

        1 Solid wood Roll-Down Bar
        Length of bar: 81 cm | 3 cm in diameter

        spine corrector 1

        Contains two side handles that facilitate the handling and the displacement of the accessory.

        spine corrector 2

        The Roll-Down Bar attachment has 3 different positions, being adjustable based on the individual needs of your students.


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