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16 de June de 2018

Step Chair

Step Chair

Step Chair

Kauffer Step Chair: Incomparable.

Structure in noble reforested wood.

Opaque varnished satin finish, resistent to umidity and scuffs. No knots.

The Kauffer Step Chair is structured in steel, providing a much higher durability, less abrasion – in relation to wood – and higher stability during exercises.

Doesn’t get slack over time.

Width: 80 cm
Height (with cane): 134 cm
Length: 80.6 cm
Seat height: 63 cm

4 springs.

Handle supports produced in molten aluminum molded in high precision equipment. It provides higher stability to the handle. Its innovative design makes it easy to visualize the handle’s fittings, facilitating height adjustment.

Its self-lubricating waddings allow a smoother slide on the handles.

5 levels of height adjustments.

Guaranteed stability through 2 adjustment handles: to adjust the height and tightness.

The lower adjustment handles provide a tighter and more precise use of the handle, also lowering abrasions.

Upholstered in EVA, much more comfortable and resistant than foam. Does not deform over time. Back-stitched in nautical leather coating, providing a better finishing and higher resistance.

Lyptus wood pedals. They can be used independently or grouped.

The self-lubricating waddles positioned by the sides of the pedals provides a faster restraining through a massif wood.

EVA upholstered, much more comfortable and resistant than foam. Does not deform over time. Rounded-shaped for a better adjustment to the hands and feet.

Vibra-Stop height adjustment. Facilitates the use in irregular floors, ensuring a higher impact absorption.

UHMW rest for the springs, resistant to impact and abrasion.

Pedal supports precisely molded, produced in Polyoxymethylene, a material extremely resistant to impact and traction. Provides smoother and noiseless movements.

Pedal axis in stainless steel. Doesn’t get rusty over time and provides a noiseless experience during exercises.

Springs adjustment system has a practical design, handled through bands – no need to touch the springs.

Springs with e-coat finishings, high anticorrosive protection, higher quality and durability compared to the nickel-platted springs. Process highly used in the automotive industry for high protection finishings.

Handles in burnished stainless steel. Beauty and resistance.

Hilts coated with handlebar tape, used by high performance cyclists. It provides more adherence and smoothness. They can be removed for complete cleaning.

Larger width handles, providing a better adjustment to the hands.