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16 de June de 2018

Wall Unit Wall Unit

Wall Unit

Wall Unit

Wide variety of exercises in a small space.

EVA upholstery, more comfortable and durable than regular foam. Does not deform during use. Coated in nautical synthetic leather.
Stitched seam, gives better finishing and greater resistance to upholstery.

The brushed stainless steel frame gives a sophisticated look while also increasing the equipment’s durability and resistance. Easy to clean.

Width: 77,8cm (frame); 65cm (mattress)
Height: 184cm (frame); 18cm (mattress)
Lenght: 65cm (frame); 219cm (mattress)

Hand/foot loops (pair), handles (pair), abdomen handle, safety strap, 8 springs, 18 carabiners, roll-down bar.

Fixed to the ground through three screws in each column. Perfect fit, giving full stability to equipment.

Mattress with eye hooks to attach the springs. More exercise options.

Wider push through bar.

Finished in automotive paint. More beauty and strength to the piece. Contact area with hands and feet coated with vulcanized rubber. Sweat resistant and exact adhesion.

10 positions for fixing the springs to the vertical bars, 3 positions on the horizontal bar and 2 positions on the stew.

4 support frame adjustment levels with pre-set positions. More security and ease in height adjustment.

Wall fixation by 4 screws. Perfect fit, giving full stability to equipment.

Springs e-coat finished in high anti-corrosion protection, higher quality and durability of the coated surface compared with nickel-plated springs. Process widely used in the automotive industry for high-protection finishing.